Land Stewardship Committee mission statement

The Land Stewardship Committee (LSC) finally has a mission statement, after twenty years.

The LSC was started in 1996 by the Conservation Commission. However, in Acton only the Board of Selectmen and Town Meeting can officially start Town committees. So the  LSC was in a bit of legal limbo for a couple of decades. (Luckily this didn’t stop them from getting a lot done). In 2015, after some back and forth between the committee, the Conservation Commission, Town Counsel and others on the text of a mission statement ,  the Board of Selectmen voted this one as the LSC official mission statement

The heart of the document is this:

The Committee acts for the collective and sustainable benefit of humans, wildlife, and vegetation to help preserve and enhance the woodlands, meadows and wetlands of the Stewardship Lands.

The rest of the document is the logistics of how the LSC operates.